RWJ Social

Helping higher-ed institutions shape their social strategy


We will work with your school to create a master plan in a thoughtful, measured way to ensure you are using each platform to its full potential, build out a vision, create guidelines, identify goals and reach them while making an impact.


If you haven’t added ambassadors or influencers into your strategy, it’s time. Let’s turn key personalities in your community into advocates by leveraging their authenticity and clout to tell your school’s story from their POV.


Content needs cadence and a well-orchestrated plan to ensure you are hitting key milestones and connecting with your audience at optimized times. A detailed content calendar for your platforms will help you collaborate, plan ahead and stay organized.


An effective way for leaders to connect with students is to meet them where they are. Maybe your administration knows it’s time to enter the social media space, but needs to establish style, voice and approach. Let us map out a detailed plan to set your leaders up for a successful launch.


Every school has its differentiators, unique traditions and voice. Yet that often gets lost in translation when bringing it to social media. We can help you develop and articulate your brand in the social sphere so there will be no questions about who you are and what you stand for.


Have you listened to the good and the bad that your community is saying about you on social media? Let us monitor what’s happening so you have the info available to effectively connect with your audiences and decide when to act or just observe.


Social media’s rapid evolution means it’s time your institution takes an in-depth look at your platforms and what is – and isn’t – resonating. Let us review, benchmark and compare you to peers while providing you with a plan to implement necessary changes to your strategy.


Everything you produce – or don’t produce – is sending a message to your audiences. Let us help you deliver authentic, quality content consistently that not only inspires but aligns with your school’s goals while staying relevant on your channels.


We know MarComm leaders at schools have an ever-growing realm of responsibilities to juggle, making it impossible to keep up with evolving trends, new platforms and tools. Do you need a social media bootcamp? Let us show you around.